Online Resource: Quick Freeze Boiling Water

Winter brings very cold weather to many of us. I found videos online that demonstrate a variety of people tossing boiling water into sub freezing air. Amazing crystals form in beautiful collections.

Children can be fascinated watching videos and then language and cooperation skills can be strengthened with a followup discussion of what was observed.

Here are a few resources I’d like to share with you.

Quick Science: Dancing Spaghetti

Pour a can of clear or lightly colored soft drink into a transparent container. Drop in a few pieces of raw pasta.

Initially the pasta sinks to the bottom of the container because each piece is denser than the liquid.

Bubbles of gas attach to the pasta and it slowly rises to the surface.

Your students are pretty interested at this point in just what’s going on!

Quick Science: Cohesion Pepper

Cohesion is a property of liquids. Water is very cohesive, it sticks to itself.

I like using a cohesion activity when a group of students needs to learn to work in teams. This can lead to a discussion about being a cohesive group.

Click on the link for this post to read more and find a link to a free product at my TpT store that includes a take home activity and a dozen copyright free images you can use to introduce this topic.

Snowflakes with Coffee Filters

An easy way for you and your students to create a simple snowflake that’s scientifically correct, it has six points!

Coffee filters are round so there’s no need to cut off extra paper. The paper is thin so it’s easier to cut several layers. Use clear tape in a few of the cutouts to attach the snowflake to the window where the translucent paper makes a lovely scene.

Mess Up On Purpose!

It’s 1985 and I’m a “new to science” teacher. The principal and the parents haven’t expected me to teach science, just the basics, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Then a life changing event occurs. Marie came to see me to talk about her son and offered to teach anatomy. Sure, I’m not teaching science, why not let her? Students who couldn’t pass a spelling test learn how to spell the muscles she was explaining. (Did you know the levator anguli oris, levator labii superioris, orbicularis oculi, risorius, zygomaticus major, and zygomaticus minor make it possible for you to smile?) Students who couldn’t focus in my lessons focus during hers. I …

Quick Science: Walk through Paper

Do you have a pile of scrap paper, scissors, and a few minutes for a quick science demonstration? Challenge students to figure out a way to walk through the paper. If you have any students familiar with the activity caution them to explain after the demonstration. They might have a variation to share like a spiral cut or be able to help classmates with the activity! Fold a sheet of paper in half along the dashed line and then make the vertical cuts along the solid lines. Cut the center section of the fold itself along the heavy solid line. …