Winter Coloring Pages, Mazes, and More

Here’s a wonderful collection of winter themed coloring pages, crafts, and puzzles to give to your students in class, share with families, or include in your sub folder.

Scrambles, puzzles, and mazes have several levels of difficulty so you can pick the ones that best fit your students.

Use these resources to challenge interested students to create more puzzles for classmates.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages, Mazes, and More

Enjoy free resources you can add to your Thanksgiving collection!

Share with a colleague, leave one or two in your sub folder, maybe have a few available for those extra minutes at the end of an activity or for the student who finishes early. This can be a busy time of year both professionally and personally and having optional activities (from many different levels) can take a lot of stress off teaching around the holiday…

Monster Month!

My FAVORITE month of the year. We’ve gotten to know each other, routines are familiar, and it’s time for a project that we work on during the month of October. I posted a great product at TpT  that I hope you’ll check out along with these other great resources. Your students will be reading, writing, solving math puzzles, and more with a monster theme. Monster and Alien Coloring Pages – add this to your sub folder? Easy Ways to Draw a Monster – get your hesitant artists started Free Halloween Clip Art – so much to choose! Monster Songs for Young Children – fun words to familiar tunes Monster Poetry – …

Resources for Teaching about Sound

Resources for Teaching about Sound A great way to add to your physics unit. Let me save you time collecting resources! I’ve created activities and worksheets that you can use to easily enrich your sound unit. Here’s what you get for just $2.40! • Two writing prompts in English and Spanish already placed on worksheets • A glossary of common terms with definitions in both English and Spanish • Five key terms and definitions in a LARGE font – just print and post on your wall • Seek-a-Word puzzles can be a fun way to learn new science terms • …

Winter and Christmas Puzzles!

UPDATE: These fun resources now require a membership. You’ll be asked to pay  £17.50 for a full year of access. Need a few puzzles, mazes, or drawing activities with a winter or Christmas theme? I found a few just for you! Pick the ones that best fit your students interests and abilities from Activity Village in the UK. If you’re interested in puzzles specifically about winter, I’ve included those as links after each type of puzzle – I hope this saves you time looking for just what you need! Stepping Stone Puzzles Counting Puzzles – stars Find the differences – snowmen Grid Copy Puzzles – snowflake …

Quick Science: Toothpick Stars and Toothpick Puzzles

Need a few simple activities you can use if a lesson ends sooner than expected or when students have been really focused in class and have earned a fun reward? I’ve posted two products that use simple materials in my Teacher Pay Teacher stores: Simply Science and Simply Math. Use flat toothpicks and water to create Toothpick Stars. Several videos let you see the activity before you present it to students.   Arrange and then rearrange toothpicks to solve Toothpick Puzzles. Use small or full page images or a PowerPoint™ presentation to display the thirty-two different puzzles. Arrange and then rearrange flat …

Halloween Puzzles!

Need last minute puzzles for Halloween? I found a few just for you! Pick the ones that best fit your students interests and abilities at Activity Village in the UK. Stepping Stone Puzzles Complete the Picture Puzzles Cryptograms Dot to Dots Grid Copy Puzzles Mazes Sudoku Puzzles Word Scrambles Word Search Puzzles and More… Click on a type of puzzle, find the one you like and click on the link above that example. The puzzle opens and can be printed or downloaded for printing later!