Precipitation Patterns

Introduce precipitation patterns for the states of Washington, Oregon, or California.

Color a worksheet or a bookmark and add notes or print a color worksheet or bookmark and add notes.

Compare the precipitation patterns in the 50 US States

Use resources to introduce the precipitation patterns for North and South America including creating a simple flip book.

Use additional resources in this post to enrich your science unit.

Work and Simple Machines

I just posted a great product with resources, including: fun activities, presentations, math worksheets with delightful illustrations, puzzles, a word wall in both English and Spanish, and a simple assessment, and a web page with much more.

I’m sharing some of the best engineering suggestions here.

Click on the title to find much more!

Simple Science at Home – Static Electricity

You might be familiar with the activity that moves your hair even if no one is touching it! Simply rub a balloon on a soft paper towel, cotton or wool shirt, and bring it near a person’s hair.
It helps if the person has fine hair, my husband’s is GREAT so I often draft him for this demonstration. He just loves it! ????

If you want more suggestions for playing around with static electricity while we wait out this virus event, here are suggestions from the Exploratorium.


Simple Science at Home – More Bubbles!

I recently posted suggestions from Steve Spangler for bubbles.

My niece called for a bubble recipe as she played with her almost two-year old son and I thought it can be such a fun activity I’d find more resources for you.

Just like my last blog, my source is the Exploratorium Museum

I listed activities from simple materials to uncommon materials like dry ice.

Simple Science at Home – Pressure

Here’s the fifth in a series of fun, at home resources
I want to share from 

He’s posting fifty experiments for fifty days starting yesterday 3/23/20. Check them out!

I picked activities that worked for a variety
of ages and with simple materials you might find at home.

I suggest many extensions to challenge
kids as they do science (and make the activity
take a bit longer).