Online Resource: Utah Education Network

Check out these amazing interactives that have been collected by the Utah Education Network (UEN).

This organization connects all Utah school districts, schools, and higher education institutions to provide quality resources.

I’m grateful they’re willing to share without requiring a sign in so the resources can be used by teachers and parents. 

Resources for Snowflakes

Learning about snowflakes is an easy way to integrate math, science, and art. It’s been snowing where I live so I decided to publish a new product for TPT: Simply Science, Resources for Teaching about Snowflakes. To thank you for following my blog, I’m sending you the link to the web page that was created just for this product. You’ll find online sites that let kids cut out their own snowflakes and then they can save, email, or download their snowflakes for printing. No scraps of leftover paper! Also, there’s information about the science of snowflakes and suggestions for making large paper …

Let’s Play Memory Games!

Do your students need to practice a basic math skill? Do you want them to be more confident using that skill Would you like to send a game home so students can practice math with family members? While playing a Memory Game, students match up numbers with names, computation problems with their answers, fractions with their equivalents and much, much more! Print a set of cards and an answer key, zip both in a bag, and you have an easy to store game that’s an excellent way to spend a few minutes in class, review an important skill, or reward carefully completed work. When you create games …

Let’s Play a Bingo Game!

Students in one of my classes are learning fractions so we’re playing Fraction Bingo. Bingo makes it fun for students practice a math skill. Visit Simply Math to find a variety of bingo games that your students will look forward to playing as they practice their math skills. Print the cards, cut squares of scrap paper, and then put both in a zip bag. Students keep their bingo bags in their desks so they can play when there’s just a few minutes to play one game. It’s the “If we finish our work and we’ve done it carefully we can play a game of bingo” approach. It can be a …