Online Resource: Utah Education Network

Check out these amazing interactives that have been collected by the Utah Education Network (UEN).

This organization connects all Utah school districts, schools, and higher education institutions to provide quality resources.

I’m grateful they’re willing to share without requiring a sign in so the resources can be used by teachers and parents. 

Snowflakes with Coffee Filters

An easy way for you and your students to create a simple snowflake that’s scientifically correct, it has six points!

Coffee filters are round so there’s no need to cut off extra paper. The paper is thin so it’s easier to cut several layers. Use clear tape in a few of the cutouts to attach the snowflake to the window where the translucent paper makes a lovely scene.

Quick Science: Bernoulli’s Principle #1

It’s April, almost May. Need a quick activity to punch up the enthusiasm in your science class? This activity could be part of a weather unit with air and wind. It could be added to a physics unit about force and air pressure. It’s a great demonstration that students can share with family members at a science night or open house.   Turn on the hair dryer and aim the flow of air up. Carefully balance a ping-pong ball in the stream of air. Gently tilt the hair dryer. How far can you tilt the hair dryer before the ball …

Quick Demos for Light

Need an idea to introduce light to students in your classroom or their parents at an open house or after school meeting? I’ve collected a few for you to consider. From the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco Bird in a Cage – color Hole in Your Hand – illusion Magic Wand – reflection Exploratorium Science Snacks are fun activities in many areas of science. They have suggestions for family friendly science activities you might suggest for your families.   From SteveSpanglerScience Magic Arcs  - video – illusion Disappearing Color Wheel  –  video – color Science Clips at the BBC are great although they’re not being updated so check them …