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Quick Demos for Light

Need an idea to introduce light to students in your classroom or their parents at an open house or after school meeting? I’ve collected a few for you to consider.

A drawing of a skull with a striped background From the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco

Exploratorium Science Snacks are fun activities in many areas of science.

They have suggestions for family friendly science activities you might suggest for your families.


From SteveSpanglerScience

Science Clips at the BBC are great although they’re not being updated so check them out soon! You might make these available on a laptop to share with families at your event.

Do you have other quick demonstrations you use when you are teaching light to students or their families?

Please share my blog information with your colleagues who might benefit from suggestions for teaching science in an elementary classroom!

3 thoughts on “Quick Demos for Light

  1. Set up a bright light against the wall in a darkened corner of your room. You’ve got a hand shadow theater! The kids love it so much they’re willing to complete their work because it means they have some time to play with light.

  2. I’m currently working on an Electricity Unit with my class so I love those BBC science clips. Thanks!

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