Online Resource: Quick Freeze Boiling Water

Winter brings very cold weather to many of us. I found videos online that demonstrate a variety of people tossing boiling water into sub freezing air. Amazing crystals form in beautiful collections.

Children can be fascinated watching videos and then language and cooperation skills can be strengthened with a followup discussion of what was observed.

Here are a few resources I’d like to share with you.

Quick Science: Videos

I’ve just posted a couple of comprehensive products with Resources for teaching Force and Newton’s Laws. I wanted to share an amazing resource I added to the Newton’s Laws web page – sixteen short videos posted by NASA that you’ll want to show your students. Each video introduces a common toy and demonstrates how it’s used on Earth and then on the International Space Station. Choose a video to introduce a toy. Pause and challenge your students to predict how the toy will behave on the space station. After a conversation show the rest of the video. Consider turning off the audio the first time to avoid the explanation giving away too …