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Online Resource: Quick Freeze a Bubble!

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credit: commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=61824652
If you blow a soap bubble in subfreezing air, the water in the bubble freezes very quickly often creating a beautiful crystalline globe.

I found gorgeous videos that I hope will fascinate you and your students.

credit: pixabay.com/en/soap-bubble-bubble-eiskristalle-1958841/


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Frozen Bubbles Tracy Miller  30 seconds Frozen Bubbles
Frozen Bubbles in Calgary  2 minutes Frozen Bubbles in Calgary
Ice Bubble Magic   14 minutes Ice Bubble Magic
How Water Freezes Close Up

Jesse Mason uses a smart phone to record water freezing.

How Water Freezes Close Up

The videos are recorded in real time. They can look like time-lapse videos.


How does this happen? – Partway down the page read about “Frozen Soap Bubbles”

Want to try it?

  • Instructions for blowing bubbles that freeze
  • How to from Wiki-How including a suggestion for making frozen bubbles in your freezer – please let me know if this works if you decide to try it!

For more images of frozen bubbles:

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