Explore Möbius Strips

Kids can try it at home with scrap paper, scissors, and tape. It’s very adaptable for different ages and abilities. Watch the video to see what happens. Try it yourself. Keep track of the number of twists before you tape the paper to find the pattern for how many twists results in how many loops. It’s fascinating for both children and grownups!¬† Use one strip of narrow paper like adding machine tape to make a loop by simply bringing the ends together and taping the ends of the paper securely. Predict what will happen if the paper is cut in …

Online Resource: Utah Education Network

Check out these amazing interactives that have been collected by the Utah Education Network (UEN).

This organization connects all Utah school districts, schools, and higher education institutions to provide quality resources.

I’m grateful they’re willing to share without requiring a sign in so the resources can be used by teachers and parents.¬†

Monster Month!

My FAVORITE month of the year. We’ve gotten to know each other, routines are familiar, and it’s time for a project that we work on during¬†the month of October. I posted a¬†great product at TpT¬† that I hope you’ll check out along with¬†these other great¬†resources. Your students will be reading, writing, solving math puzzles, and more¬†with a monster theme. Monster and Alien Coloring Pages¬†– add this to your sub folder? Easy Ways to Draw a Monster¬†– get your hesitant artists started Free Halloween¬†Clip Art¬†– so much to choose! Monster Songs for Young Children¬†– fun words to familiar tunes Monster Poetry¬†– …