What to Do?

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Tangram Paradoxes – a FREEBIE!

What to do if your child needs something to consider while waiting for the online class to start?

Need word puzzles that can be solved in a few moments of spare time or pondered for a day?

I’ve collected math and word puzzles just for you!

I have a few great products at TPT like Simple Spirolaterals, Multiplication Circles, Position Puzzles, Algebra Puzzles, Alien Number Puzzles, and Toothpick Puzzles.

Creature Cards – a FREEBIE!


Rebus Puzzle Brainteasers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Services – include answers like “forgive and forget” shown at left.

They also have resources for Little Kids.

Brain Food from rinkworks.com

SuperKids has logic and reasoning games to play online, including:



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