Precipitation Patterns

Introduce precipitation patterns for the states of Washington, Oregon, or California.

Color a worksheet or a bookmark and add notes or print a color worksheet or bookmark and add notes.

Compare the precipitation patterns in the 50 US States

Use resources to introduce the precipitation patterns for North and South America including creating a simple flip book.

Use additional resources in this post to enrich your science unit.

Resources for Teaching the Periodic Table

Are you gathering resources for teaching about the periodic table of elements?

I included a simple set of sorting activities in my product that introduces students to sorting by attribute.

Then, they can create their own periodic table.

Check out the amazing resources included with the product AND online resources that can make this topic an amazing addition to your science classroom.

Work and Simple Machines

I just posted a great product with resources, including: fun activities, presentations, math worksheets with delightful illustrations, puzzles, a word wall in both English and Spanish, and a simple assessment, and a web page with much more.

I’m sharing some of the best engineering suggestions here.

Click on the title to find much more!

STEM at Home

Check out these resources from I highlighted a few activities, specifically choosing ones that have simple materials and a video. It’s just a sample of the science activities on their site, pick what works best for you and, as a scientist, be safe!

There’s more from NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the Smithsonian.

Many great ideas for science at home!