Plant Structures

It’s getting to be gardening time in our area so I wanted to share plant resources with you.

I found a fabulous short video at PBS about Plant Structures. In addition to the video (which you can download so you’ll always have it!!) there’s a short essay, discussion questions, and a list of science standards.

A drawing of a skull with a striped background I wonder that the essay included with the resource might be a challenge to read and the questions are all answered in the video so I created a simpler version using Google Slides that you can copy and use in your classroom or at home. It has text boxes for answers.

If you want a version of the original text with questions, I created that too!

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For more resources about plant structures, I have free word puzzles a memory game, and a great resource about plant parts in my TpT store.

Here are more online resources to consider. I listed them from options that seem the simplest with the least prep to more complex resources: