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Online Resource: Quick Freeze Boiling Water

Winter brings very cold weather to many of us. I found videos online that demonstrate a variety of people tossing boiling water into sub freezing air. Amazing crystals form in beautiful collections.

Children can be fascinated watching videos and then language and cooperation skills can be strengthened with a followup discussion of what was observed.


Here are a few resources I’d like to share with you:

A video of boiling water tossed from a third story apartment terrace – watch from two different views

The same video after going through viewpure.com that deletes the ads

Both options are included because some districts restrict viewpure.com

A drawing of a skull with a striped background Don’t Just Shiver

This site explains what’s happening when boiling water is tossed into extremely cold water AND soap bubbles that freeze AND using cold to turn a soft drink into a an “instant slurpee”

A series of slow motion videos


An explanation of why boiling water turns into snow

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Watch a video in real time and then slow motion as he tosses a cut of boiling water into the air

After viewpure

Making Snow with Boiling Water in Wisconsin – consider watching the video from 2:00 – 2:30

After viewpure