Online Resource: Utah Education Network

Check out these amazing interactives that have been collected by the Utah Education Network (UEN).

This organization connects all Utah school districts, schools, and higher education institutions to provide quality resources.

I’m grateful they’re willing to share without requiring a sign in so the resources can be used by teachers and parents. 

Online Resource: Quick Freeze Boiling Water

Winter brings very cold weather to many of us. I found videos online that demonstrate a variety of people tossing boiling water into sub freezing air. Amazing crystals form in beautiful collections.

Children can be fascinated watching videos and then language and cooperation skills can be strengthened with a followup discussion of what was observed.

Here are a few resources I’d like to share with you.

Check It Out! All Kinds of Minds

You’re coming to the end of the second month of your school year, maybe your first year as a teacher. You’ve gone through many of your strategies to help support a student who might struggle with behavior, academics, or social interactions. You can talk to the student, get advice from colleagues, former teachers of the student, or their family members. What if you need more options, more strategies to support your student? Consider visiting All Kinds of Minds. They have a library that “provides insights into the learning challenges that students face”, including: Thinking with Numbers Mastering the Challenges of Reading …