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Quick Science: Bubble Snakes

A drawing of a skull with a striped background How did I miss this great activity??

I’ve posted resources for teaching about bubbles and testing the cohesion of water.


This is a fun activity that recycles household materials, it’s easy to add variations that can challenge* older or more capable children while still fascinating younger children.

I’ve found online resources and hope you have time to check them out!

  • SteveSpanglerScience explains and has a video
  • Cheeksxo3‘s video explains step by step using a sock that has a hole, no frustration with a rubber band crushing the bottle
  • OneLittleProject blog also uses a sock and describes the process step by step in pictures
  • WikiHow has tips that are quite useful

*options to get you started thinking: cover the end of the bottle with different fabrics, cheesecloth, or netting, change the ratio of water and soap in the solution, blow with more or less force, catch the “snakes” and try to keep them from popping