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Resources for Teaching about Sound

Resources for Teaching about Sound

A great way to add to your physics unit. Let me save you time collecting resources! I’ve created activities and worksheets that you can use to easily enrich your sound unit. Here’s what you get for just $2.40!

A drawing of a skull with a striped background

• Two writing prompts in English and Spanish already placed on worksheets

• A glossary of common terms with definitions in both English and Spanish

• Five key terms and definitions in a LARGE font – just print and post on your wall

• Seek-a-Word puzzles can be a fun way to learn new science terms

• Suggestions for poems, idioms, and proverbs that feature sound or the word sound

• Information for presenting scientific notation and the decibel scale to tie sound with math

• Computation worksheets with addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems (two of each with different levels and cute cartoons to color)

• Two activities for families to try at home and suggestions for engineering options to try

• A list of misconceptions about sound

• Parent letters that include a link to a web page with fun activities

• Two images that can be added to a large sheet of construction paper or a file folder to create a fun folder to hold student work 

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