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Simple Science at Home – Bubbles

A drawing of a skull with a striped background It’s sunny here and, except of a bit of wind, could be a good day for playing with bubbles. If outside isn’t an option, maybe the kitchen or bath tub?

Check out these activities from SteveSpanglerScience.com, an amazing site that lets you read about then watch simple activities (and buy really fun science products).



Here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

Bouncing Bubble – It’s nice to add glycerin but if you don’t have it you might use a small amount of corn syrup or sugar. How long can you make the bubble last? Can you bounce the bubble between two people? How high can you bounce the bubble?

Bubble inside a Bubble – This one can be a challenge so when you get it to work, you feel amazing! It just needs a surface and some bubble solution (made with water, soap, and a little sugar). If you don’t have a pipette, use a drinking straw.


Create Bubble Snakes using scraps of cloth (I use the cut off toe of a sock that has a hole in the heel) that are rubber banded to a plastic cup. Food coloring can make it more fun. Here’s an extra resources, a video posted by the Eh Bee Family

Use pipe cleaners and straws to create Bubble Cubes. There are endless possibilities to reshape the original design, change its size, add or subtract sides.

Steve’s site has many, many more ideas about Bubbles.


Images by EGG.