Poetry for Light

Poetry can be a great way to integrate language arts with science! Here are suggestions for connecting science and poetry when your students are studying light, reflection, refraction, shadows, or rainbows! Something Big has Been Here, Jack Prelutsky “Denson Dumm” A Light in the Attic, Shel Silverstein “BATTY” “SHADOW RACE” “SIGNALS” Every Thing On It, Shel Silverstein “THE RAINBOW THROWER” Where the Sidewalk Ends, Shel Silverstein “AFRAID OF THE DARK” “JOEY” “IT’S DARK IN HERE” Do you have poems about light to share with us?

Quick Demos for Light

Need an idea to introduce light to students in your classroom or their parents at an open house or after school meeting? I’ve collected a few for you to consider. From the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco Bird in a Cage – color Hole in Your Hand – illusion Magic Wand – reflection Exploratorium Science Snacks are fun activities in many areas of science. They have suggestions for family friendly science activities you might suggest for your families.   From SteveSpanglerScience Magic Arcs  – video – illusion Disappearing Color Wheel  –  video – color Science Clips at the BBC are great although they’re not being updated so check them …