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Check It Out! Paper Helicopters

A drawing of a skull with a striped background

Cut and fold paper to create a helicopter that spins as it’s dropped to the floor.

Create a second helicopter but this time change the size or mass of the helicopter.

It can be hard to time a helicopter as it drops so consider dropping the two helicopters to determine if the change affects how the helicopter falls to the floor.

For more about this activity, check out these resources: eGFI Dream Up the Future or a FREEBIE created by Bryce Hixson.

My students enjoy this activity so much I included it in my Pushes and Pulls product at TpT.

Add this activity to your sub folder, send home for families, or make it part of a family science night.

A drawing of a skull with a striped background



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    1. Thanks for the question! Third grade NGSS focuses on motion and stability. This activity could be included in a unit that’s designed to meet 3-PS2-2: Make observations and/or measurements of an object’s motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion.

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