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Check It Out! Leaning Tower of Pasta

Here’s another activity to consider that requires less common materials, raw spaghetti and miniature marshmallows. You’ll want to set aside time if your students love this activity like mine do.

Suggested grade level is sixth. Younger students might struggle with being patient and handling small materials. If you have younger students you might use tape instead of marshmallows to create towers.

After your students complete their structures consider, if space allows, leaving them out on a shelf. As the marshmallows dry the structures remain intact. Kids love seeing their work displayed in the room!

You might view this TED talk to find out why kindergarten students are better at this kind of activity compared to grown-ups like CEOs.


A drawing of a skull with a striped background

Image credit: Ben Heavner, ITL Program and Laboratory, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2004

Using marshmallows a problem? Consider clay.

Need examples of student towers?? You’ll find them at Janna’s Blog. Check out this video of a bridge that could hold 5 pounds. I processed it through viewpure.com to delete ads and the extra videos shown down the side of the page.

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    1. A very interesting resource. If you want step-by-step suggestions this site is for you! I appreciate the “pro tips”. Thanks Ethan for sharing!

  1. I was just talking with some of the 5th and 6th grade teachers about trying to find ways to address the engineering aspect of the Next Generation Science Standards. I like this and the kiddos would love this activity.

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