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Wonderful Writing Resources

I seem to find it easier to challenge capable students in math or solving puzzles than students who are passionate about writing.

I can find many online resources for math/puzzle solvers and not so many for writers.

Often the contests for writers include a fee or a requirement to purchase a bound book which can be out of a student’s price range.

Jerry Jenkins posted The Ultimate Guide to Writing Contests 2019. There are three dozen contests in his list.

A drawing of a skull with a striped background The one I found interesting (with a sophomore in high school recently chosen) was the Fifty Three Word Contest – a different prompt each month asks the writer to write 53 and only 53 words. It might be quite a challenge to a voracious writer that encourages choosing every word carefully. The winner’s writing is posted online with a 53 word bio.

I hope Jerry posts contests for the next year soon.

A drawing of a skull with a striped background When you have some free time check out the resources at instructables.com. Included in the dozens of options I found these two to share with you and your amazing writers:

KaptinScarlet explains how to create a hard back book. It’s not a quick process but she explains each step very well. It might be a book that contains a truly amazing story that makes a very special gift or an addition to a library.

FernMakes shared how to create a mini stab bound book. I think this process could easily be used to create a larger book which could also be given as a gift.

Do you have any online writing resources to share?