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Vocabulary Cards Make Learning New Terms Easier!

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Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 12.57.08 PMvocabulary cards frogsWhile teaching a university class, my teacher participants asked me about strategies for learning new science vocabulary. What resources could be used to help students learn key words for a new science topic?

I created a set of cards for a variety of topics that have an image, a simple definition in English, and the term in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Russian.

You can choose from: astronomy, birds, wild cats, frogs, geology, insects, motionweather, and whales.

Consider these other resources:

Increasing vocabulary is an accomplishment. Celebrate mastery of every word!– Marilee Sprenger in Education Week Teacher
Rigorous and meaningful vocabulary activities can also be fun. The vocabulary skits my students create and perform are often quite hilarious, but also allow the class to hear our new words used in various ways in a short time frame” – Susan Chenelle in Education Week Teacher

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  1. Wonderful idea. Love the fact that we can have already made vocabulary words. One less step for teachers. Thank you

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