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Simple Science at Home – Illusions

A drawing of a skull with a striped background Here are my suggestions

today for your consideration

from SteveSpanglerScience.com

and videos I found on youtube:


Magic Arcs – what to do with the covers for your morning take out coffee? Science! Does the illusion work the same with other sizes of paper? What if you curve the paper more or less than the coffee covers?

American Flag Optical Illusion – stare at the image and when it changes to white you’ll see a flag. What other images can you make? Yellow becomes blue, black becomes white, green becomes red, what other colors can you test as you make your own optical illusion?

Magic Pumpkin – create an illusion that relies on your brain remembering for just a fraction of a second what it has seen. What other illusions might you create?


A drawing of a skull with a striped background . OPTICS4KIDS has more optical illusions without ads and with answers!

Check out their activities


Images by EGG.