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Routines, Procedures, and Expectations

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Establishing clear procedures is key to a successful classroom.

Every class of students is a bit different so having a variety of options for this will give you an advantage as you support your students learning.


Here are resources I think you might find useful as you collect options for setting up routines and procedures:

  • Dr. Fred Jones – proactive versus reactive management
  • Scholastic – check out the narrated slideshows with images of a variety of great suggestions!
  • Fern Smith – she uses a “Yes Line” to get students from place to place
  • Denise Young – a quick checklist of what and when
  • This Pinterest Page has dozens of ideas
“Prime time in school is the first few moments in class. If you blow these moments, you blow the impression, the sale, and the success of a class! – The First Day of School by Harry K Wong and Rosemary T Wong

What are other suggestions for establishing routines in the classroom?


2 thoughts on “Routines, Procedures, and Expectations

  1. It is also important to present any information — rules, procedures, and expectations, and lessons — in as many ways as possible: reading, writing, listening, and speaking are the main ones to keep in mind. Each different type of presentation gets the information into the brain along a different pathway. For rules, etc., you can post signs, write or draw pictures about why they are important, chant, and have students talk about them as pairs or in small groups. In addition, students can act out the rules for the class or create songs or rhymes that help them remember.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Wow…those first precious moments when the “teachable spirit” is invited into
    your classroom. I think every student walking in wants, hopes for, a line of safety and clear
    expectation to be shown. These look like valuable resources. Thanks so much.

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