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Quick Science: Walk through Paper

A drawing of a skull with a striped backgroundDo you have a pile of scrap paper, scissors, and a few minutes for a quick science demonstration?

Challenge students to figure out a way to walk through the paper. If you have any students familiar with the activity caution them to explain after the demonstration. They might have a variation to share like a spiral cut or be able to help classmates with the activity!

Fold a sheet of paper in half along the dashed line and then make the vertical cuts along the solid lines. Cut the center section of the fold itself along the heavy solid line. Do not cut through the dashed fold lines on each end!

Unfold the paper and students will see that the paper is a long chain of connected sections. After you’ve tried the activity a couple of times, you won’t need the sheet, you’ll simply, fold, make several cuts, and unfold to amaze your students!

A drawing of a skull with a striped backgroundExplain to students that the paper still has the properties of paper. The change in the paper is a physical change.

Give each student a pieces of scrap paper so they can fold, cut, and walk through the paper.

Option: Challenge students to cut a loop large enough for several students to walk through.

Option: Challenge students to cut a loop using a 3″x5″ index card that is large enough for a person to walk through. (It’s possible!)


Option: Ask students to show this activity to a person at home and explain the physical changes the paper has undergone.


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3 thoughts on “Quick Science: Walk through Paper

  1. I have done this “problem” with student and a 3 x 5 card. It is really interesting to see them struggle with how this might be done. You go through a lot of cards in the process. But when the students figure out that they cut a “Square” spiral around and around card until they get to the middle, then go pack and cut the spiral down the middle making sure you don’t cut the end open they go nuts trying to make them bigger and bigger.

    This is a great activity for a Friday afternoon when you have a class that needs a break from the traditional curriculum of the day.

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