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Quick Science: Flying Paper Clips

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Got a few minutes of class time? Want to amaze students with an activity that requires scrap paper and just two paper clips?

flying clips 1 Gently fold a piece of paper the size of a dollar bill (about 2.5″ x 6″) paper in thirds without creasing the paper.
flying clips 2 Use a paper clip to attach the top to the middle as shown.
flying clips 3 Use another paper clip to attach the bottom to the middle as shown.
Turn the prepared paper so the paper clips are on top. Firmly grasp the paper on each side and point it away from you toward an open space in the classroom. flying clips
flying clips Pull the paper quickly and watch as the paper clips join together and fly across the room!


flying clipsWhat if you try the activity with longer sheets of paper?

What if you try the activity with different sizes of paper clips?

Does it work if you put the clips on the bottom of the paper instead of the top of the paper?

Does it work with different kinds of paper like copy paper, construction paper, or maybe a sheet of plastic?

Try it!


2 thoughts on “Quick Science: Flying Paper Clips

  1. I will definitely try this activity. This will give the students a chance to quench their unbelievable thirst for throwing stuff across the room when my back is turned:)

  2. Love the open ended questions that go along with this activity. Wonder what the kids will come up with?

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