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Quick Demos for Sound

waves You’re starting or finishing a unit on sound and you need a fun demonstration to share with students.

Maybe parents are coming for an open house and you want to impress them with a science activity.

What will get kids excited about sound? How can you integrate science into an open house conversation about school? Consider these suggestions from SteveSpanglerScience:

In addition to Steve’s resources, here’s a few great videos you might add to your sound unit. I actually own a Chladni Device and, although it’s great fun, it’s a bit messy. You might ask a high school physics teacher if you want to demonstrate vibrations using this device in your classroom!

While teaching sound, consider a couple of products I created for TPT, Elementary Physics: Sound and Resources for Teaching about Sound.

Do you have other suggestions for quick sound activities to share at the beginning of a unit or at an open house with parents?

2 thoughts on “Quick Demos for Sound

  1. I will pass this info on to my 1st grade teacher friends who have sound as a NGSS standard. I love the ideas for the demos and activities! Thanks.

  2. Love the hands on activities. Kids can “amaze” their parents with these activities. Again thanks for all you do to make science come alive

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