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Is Your Energy Sink Implementing New Curriculum?

A drawing of a skull with a striped background Are you implementing new curriculum?

As an author of science curriculum, I’m sure I need to explain background and activities very clearly and that takes a lot of words. I try to save time by including videos in my materials so teachers can listen to me instead of reading all the text in their teacher guides and students books.

What might you do if your energy sink is implementing new curriculum?

  • Can you clearly identify what makes this curriculum different from what you have been using? A unique approach? A refocus on learning strategies? Different content? Does that help you plan your class activities?
  • Can you share the curriculum prep with a colleague?
  • Can you dedicate time each week or a part of a day each month to focus on the next chapter or unit?
  • Can you give yourself permission to implement part of the curriculum knowing you’ll implement more components next year? (This might not work if your school or district has plans to check your implementation of the new materials.)
  • Does the new curriculum have online or included resources that give you a quick overview of the new resources?
  • Is there a contact you can use to speak with a person from the curriculum company or a teacher who’s implemented the materials who might give you a quick overview or save you time when you have questions?

Do you have other suggestions for implementing new curriculum?