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Need More Time for Science?

A drawing of a skull with a striped backgroundIs your day just too short for science? Busy teaching reading, writing, and math and feeling a bit guilty because there are other subjects you want to teach but that dismissal bell keeps ringing too soon?

Consider ways to integrate math and science. Students practice their math skills and you have a few more minutes each week for science. Students see the connection between math and science.

Seem simple? It can be with some planning. Here are suggestions, with resources, that can get you started.

A drawing of a skull with a striped backgroundBONUS: Avoid the “When will I use this?” complaint by integrating math and science.

I’ll post more ideas in the future.

Do you have an area of math that you would like integrate with science?

Do you have other resources that integrate math and science that you’d like to share?

3 thoughts on “Need More Time for Science?

  1. I work with a teacher who is teaching 5th / 6th grade and is always looking for ideas to teach science. I showed her your blog and she was very excited. we looked into the Bridge Building lesson and figured out how to incorporate this into the lessons that she was already doing. This given her an opportunity to teach some math and some science…win win!

    Thanks for the great list of activities.

  2. I am so weary of Multiplication Facts and drill! So are my students in 3rd grade.
    Got any more science ideas to reinforce multiplication?

    1. Wow! I really understand that some students struggle to learn their multiplication facts. I try to help them see the patterns in a science activity, like a swinging pendulum. We also play games so they can have fun while practicing their skills. For some students, the incentive of playing and winning a game can help them learn this important skill.

      My TPT store, Simply Math, has several games including: Multiplication Memory, Multiplication Bingo 1, Multiplication Bingo 2, Multiplication Go Fish 1, 2, 3, 4, and a bundle. Kids can even practice multiplying within 100 with an “I Have Who Has” Game. All the games include rules and can be sent home to share with families!

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