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Need Dice for a Game?

How is it possible I can buy dice and somehow they evaporate over time?

I know it’s rare for a solid to sublimate into a gas, but every June I end up with far fewer dice than I had in September. And the ones I have can be in pretty bad shape. I hesitate to send dice home with math games because I know they don’t always come back to school.

A drawing of a skull with a striped backgroundMany of my math games require dice so here’s my suggestion for you: use a six sided pencil!

A student sharpens a pencil until it’s too short to sharpen. Do you throw it away?



On the side of the pencil make dots with a permanent pen or punch shallow holes with a push pin.

A drawing of a skull with a striped background A drawing of a skull with a striped backgroundEach student has a die that’s just the right price! They can take it home and if it doesn’t come back, it’s quick and easy to make a new die. Do you have older students? Show them once and then let them make their own dice with pencils. Need dice with more than six dots or a unique combination like only one or two dots when you’re teaching even/odd? Very short pencils and a permanent pen can be just what you use to make all the dice you need.


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