Need Desk Tags?

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Oops, I forgot to post about desk tags after the “It’s Just the ABCs” post.

desktagsThese desk tags are FREE or a few dollars. The free desk tags feature colors, two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, a number line, an alphabet, and left and right hands. Choose from the Century Gothic font or the D’Nealian font.

The desk tags that are a few dollars have been saved in a Word™ document so you copy and paste your class list into the document. Every name is placed on a desk tag. No need to write each student’s name. It’s great if you have a new student at the last minute, just add the name and print!

Purchased desk tags have been saved in Comic SansCentury Gothic, and D’nealian fonts. It could be the best $3 you ever spent – saves time.

There’s also a bundle with the three fonts.

Let me know if you need a desk tag with a different font or different features. Maybe a multiplication table? Maybe a map? I can develop the desk tag and post it on TPT for you.

What else could be added to a desk tag?

5 thoughts on “Need Desk Tags?

  1. Love the name tags! I have an overflow class so I’m getting new students every week. This will save me some serious time.

  2. What?! I don’t have to stay up all night copying my students’ names onto tags
    when I have so much else to do? I’m in! Many thanks

  3. These name tags are great. Then all you do is type all your students’ names and paste them onto the name tags. You don’t have to use your own handwriting to get great name tags — with the correct formation!

  4. I would like to have you create one with a hundreds chart for the January name tag. And do you have a site that talks about the 100’s day in school? I think this is an amazing blog Thank you

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