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Halloween Coloring Pages, Mazes, and More

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Check out the coloring pages, puzzles, and mazes you can use to enrich your Monster Month resources!

You might leave one or two, just in case, in your sub folder. You could share a few with a colleague.

Lots of fabulous options if your students finish an activity early, enjoy coloring, want ideas for drawing, or enjoy decorating your classroom or their homes with Halloween pictures and puzzles.

From Crayola.com I suggest ages to give you an idea of the level of difficulty for each page.

Have a preschool and primary student? Here’s a partial list of what you’ll find at bigactivities.comcoloring pages, story startersconnect the dots puzzles to practice numbers and letters, and pattern worksheetsThey also have word searches, word scrambles, sudoku puzzlesand mazes with 4 different levels of difficulty

From Getcoloringpages.com



Do you have other Monster Month puzzles, mazes, or games to share?


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    1. Crystal, thanks for sharing! I checked out a few of the videos and think kids who are learning to cartoon would love to watch them. He carefully explains what to do as he draws. It would be easy for students to use these videos as a start to creating their own unique creatures. The videos range from somewhat simple characters like a simple mummy to more complex drawings like a happy werewolf.

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