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Great Geometry Resources!

Are you planning to introduce or review geometric shapes this year? You’ll want to take a look at a new FREEBIE worksheet I added to my TPT Simply Math Store.

A drawing of a skull with a striped background A drawing of a skull with a striped background A drawing of a skull with a striped background

You can use it to introduce eight shapes. It’s really flexible so it can work for many grade levels. Kids can draw their shapes, color and cut out their shapes to attach to the worksheet, or cut out shapes that have been printed in color.

They list the number of sides, vertices, and diagonals. I included diagrams of the diagonals to make that easy to add to the activity. You might leave this resource in your sub folder as a quick review when you’re away from your classroom.

Check out the Geometry Playground at the Exploratorium. The activities look great and several are translated into Spanish if that’s a language in your classroom. Got time for more? Check out the links under the “Walk a Math Trail” activity.

Products added to my stores are $1 the first 48 hours! My Geometry ♥ BUNDLE ♥ has 4 products and you save $6 purchasing the bundle instead of individual products!

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  1. I’ll be launching my geometry unit in January so this freebie is awesome! This will be a perfect kick off to the unit and review what they’ve learned last year. Thanks!

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