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How to End the Year Right

A drawing of a skull with a striped background

Check out this great article Justin Minkel wrote for Education Week with practical suggestions for ending your school year.

Consider signing up for a free subscription to three articles a month so you can read the article he referenced about building a parachute for a thrill-seeking gummy bear.

I hope you enjoy the end of your year!

Note: The photo was taken by Justin Minkel.

2 thoughts on “How to End the Year Right

  1. Awesome article! I was just thinking about what I need to do to revisit classroom expectations and keep the vibrant classroom community alive and firing on all cylinders. As a first year teacher, I’m kind of shocked at how spring fever is hitting my class. I think a literal quote from last week was, “what happened to the students who used to come to class and who are these new brash young rebels who do not want to read anymore…” This article inspired me to get back at it and make those expectations known!

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