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Any Skeletons in the Closet?

A drawing of a skull with a striped backgroundYou might be surprised at what has been stored in bins, boxes, and closets from past science adoptions. It takes a bit of snooping and a willingness to sort through supplies that might be unfamiliar to you. I am amazed at the materials I have collected for my science class!

The title of the post is a reference to an actual skeleton we found in a box. A bit of wire (unbent paper clip) and a cleaning and it was a great greeting when students came into our classroom!

If you find supplies that may not be familiar to you, check with colleagues, the company online, or send me a message and I’ll try to help you identify your new materials!

A drawing of a skull with a striped backgroundNote: I found my skeleton at Pixabay, a great site with over a half a million free images. Check it out!

5 thoughts on “Any Skeletons in the Closet?

  1. The classroom I moved into this year had basically been a storage room for a couple years, so I found some great materials! There was also a lot of junk (50 pairs of broken headphones that I’m sure is where the breeding ground and hatchery for the school’s lice population was located). The biggest find was a ton of resources for my students to do a biome project. There are still some unsorted boxes so this will be motivation to see what I can find! What was your greatest find?

  2. I found math puzzles, called Creature Cards. They have a mid-1960s copyright but my kids LOVE them. They didn’t come with an answer key so I did an online search and found them here. My capable kids like to create new cards to share with the class.

  3. Wow! That was a great find! Everytime I change classrooms, I find real treasures in the closets for Science. All sorts of things get stored and forgotten over time. Thanks for the reminder. Pixabay looks like a good resource for me. Awesome.

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