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Alien Puzzles and More!

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alien puzzles Quick puzzles can add a bit of fun to your math class any time of year.

I created a set of alien puzzles that you can use to have students find a number pattern and then solve the puzzles to reveal a math term!



preview 1 There are 6 different kinds of puzzles – each has its own alien.

Choose from full color or black and white images.

alien math Students can use a blank form to create a new puzzle for classmates and receive a certificate.

You can also find many kinds of puzzles online, including: Brainbox Logic PuzzlesKid Number Puzzles, and number puzzles you generate at Math Slice!

What other resources can we use to add fun puzzles to our math classes?

3 thoughts on “Alien Puzzles and More!

  1. I love the idea of giving kids a challenge, usually the step up. Thanks for another great resource!

    1. I’d forgotten about that resource. Check out the riddles-so easy to use and the answers will surprise you and your students! They are great for the intellectually gifted student who might otherwise not be able to shine in a classroom. Thanks for sharing.

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