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Online Resource: 3Dman Free Graphics

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Pixabay.com is a  great resource for free images. One of my favorite artists, Marco, posts his images under 3Dman_eu. He has hundreds of images, including dozens of what I think of as clay people. 

To find his images type “user:3dman_eu” into the search window at the top of the page and then a subject like SCHOOLSCIENCE, or PLAY after the user name.

Here’s a few images (with suggested uses) that I thought might encourage you to visit Marco’s site.

I love the safety equipment. On the class calendar for science class? Check this out!

Take a look!

I used Marco’s images to create subjects you can post on the wall for your daily schedule.

Choose to print on letter size or legal size paper.


MANY different poses for soccer and many other sports. 

We checked off that task!

Check your work here.

If you like what you see and choose to use their images, you can thank them by buying them a cup of coffee.

You’ll see the link in the upper right corner of the page.

We learn together!

It’s great to work as a team!

Putting things together?

Studying gears in physics?

Put this on a punctuation worksheet?

Ask how are you feeling, puzzled or excited?

You’re the missing piece for our group!

It’s the last piece to our puzzle!

On the class calendar for science?

On a chemistry worksheet?

Having a carnival?

Maybe this is just the ticket to learning!

On the calendar for recess?

It’s an easy slide from here

Are you working on being a team?

We think team work makes our work easier!


Here’s where we read quietly.

On the class calendar for quiet reading time?

We learn about graphs.

On the calendar for math?


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