Quick Hint: Collecting Papers

Consider collecting papers in alphabetical order.

Students line up and the first person in line collects all the papers. If a student forgot to put a name on the paper, the collector can gently remind the student.

A different person is assigned as the “paper manager” for each date in a month based on each student’s last name.

This makes it much easier to record grades.

Dedicate Your Spaces!

Thanks to what I learned while taking a great class from Michael Grinder mid-career, I have dedicated different parts of my classroom to a unique purpose. I find this gives students a nonverbal clue that helps them make sense of our environment. When anyone is standing or sitting in the front of the room, we are sharing information or instructions for an activity. We’re focused on the presenter. We might be discussing, clarifying, or sharing with each other. When I’m sitting at the small table by my desk, I’m working with a small group of students. The rest of the group is working on an activity I’ve already …